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Hydra Aromatherapy

hydra had its humble beginnings as an independent retailer selling bath products in San Francisco. Now thirteen years later, we work with over 2,000 boutique shops across the country. Glancing at our first wholesale catalog from 2006, it’s clear how far we’ve come and we are proud and excited about our 2016 offering.

Our biggest change this past year was moving the company from San Francisco to Lexington, Kentucky. We are excited at the possibilities Lexington offers a business like ours: community support, personalized service from vendors, faster access to materials and faster shipping times to more of our customers. Our great new space will help us grow and ensure the quality of our products. Most importantly, this move allows hydra to continue to make our products by hand in the United States. All of these contribute to better products and service for all of our retailers.

As hydra continues to grow, we want to maintain our position as a boutique product. We understand what it means to be a small business and we value one-on-one relationships with our gift retailers. Need help with merchandising? Shoot us a picture! Questions about ingredients? Just drop us a line! We are here to help. Quality Ingredients At hydra, we only use the highest-quality ingredients in our products. We source from quality companies and we are very picky about essential oils. You can tell the difference between a hydra product and one that uses ingredients sourced for convenience and cost.

Want natural? We’ve got you covered. Need pure aromatherapy? No problem. We are always honest about our ingredients and we work with you to present products your customers really want. And remember, when we say aromatherapy, we mean that we’re using pure, undiluted essential oils. Our aromatherapy products smell amazing and are good for you! We have grown so much this year, not just in sales, but in wisdom and experience. That has been in no small part to our ongoing conversations with existing and potential retailers as well as an open dialog with our sales rep team. Thank you for your feedback and ideas; keep it coming! And thanks for being a part of our hydra family.